Lainey Cameron

Author & Digital Nomad
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About Me

I’m a digital nomad, part-time resident of the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, avid instagrammer and full-time writer of women’s fiction.

I’m also an active volunteer who loves helping other writers take the next on this crazy journey that is sharing our creativity with the world.

My Books

I’ve completed my first novel, working title EXIT STRATEGY. Set in not-so-subtly sexist world of Silicon Valley, it tells a tale of Silicon Valley, sexism and the power of female friendship to help us rise above the situations men sometimes toss us into. 

Why I’m Begging you to Stop Calling Yourself an Aspiring Writer

Have you met the You’re-a-Fraud banshee? She’s the inverse patron saint of writers…the voice in your head that confirms all your worst beliefs.

You can’t get published, your work isn’t good enough. Other writers are real. You’re a fraud. One day you’ll be found out….

Interview with Author Accelerator

“What no-one tells you is if you follow every piece of advice in every book you end up with nothing… “

Travel Posts

Ready to travel? These are some posts that may inspire.

Best Coffee Shops to Work in San Miguel de Allende

The best part of being a digital nomad is choosing where to work (city, country), and at the micro level: Which coffee shop today?

To me, the place to get in computer time (or do some writing) has friendly staff, decent wifi, great coffee, plenty of power outlets. Plus, it isn’t so busy that I feel I’m getting in the way of their regular lunch business in taking up a table. If you’re visiting San Miguel de Allende, here’s a run-down of my favorite places to get connected.

Humility, Curiosity and Empathy: A Thank-You to Anthony Bourdain

Two days ago I decided to write a blog post about Cartagena, Colombia because it’s been three weeks since we left and returned to San Miguel de Allende. I intended to title the post A Love Letter to Cartagena and illustrate the cultural complexity of the Caribbean coast. However, when I sat down to write, I kept circling around specific interactions I had during my five months there, and pondering how often my cultural context got in the way of reaching correct conclusions.

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