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Of Hope and Hummingbirds

Tales from the Querying Trenches. One of my favorite activities (or lack of activity) in San Miguel is to watch the hummingbirds in our garden. Lately, as I’m deep into book querying (that’s when you search for an agent), I’m increasingly drawn to these tiny flying frenzies, and I’ve been trying to figure out why.
My life as a writer is more peaceful than my previous corporate life, even if full of micro disappointments, as writer’s lives tend to be. So why relate to a bird that lives every day on the knife-edge of oblivion?

Why Awards Matter to Debut Writers

On a morning in July, one of my writer friends texted to say congratulations and shortly after my honey had to inform our neighbors here in San Miguel that the screaming from our rooftop (where I was eating breakfast) was not the murder of an American expat, but...

Why (the Dream) of Writing from an RV Wasn’t for Me

Or What I Wish I’d Known About the Creative Process Before Ditching our Furniture Mid last year my honey and I moved out of our expensive apartment in San Francisco, gave away most of our belongings, sold our car, and used the money to buy an RV. This is us on the day...